2017 Reflection 2018 Resolution

Looking back on 2017, I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. I’ve met a ton of new people, been to many new places, and had some great new experiences.

Europe was amazing. I mean what can I say. The trip was a trip of a lifetime. I’m so glad we got to go see three cities in the span of 9 days. Yes they were just glimpses but I’m glad I got to go!

I went on two trips by myself for both work and fun. TwitchCon was a BLAST. I was a little apprehensive because I was by myself. Previously in July I went to the Letterworks Calligraphy conference in Utah and had some of my friends with me. But at TwitchCon I was alone. It was fun making new friends and having a great time nerding out. I barely had time to meet all the artists participating in the Artist alley(considering I was only there for two days). If I can, I’d go back just to meet up again with all my new peeps.

The first trip I went to by myself was the Letterworks calligraphy conference in Utah. That was seriously awesome. All the people that attended were exactly like my friends in my guild. So friendly and welcoming. Everyone was so patient and willing to help you out if you were new to calligraphy. I learned a ton and met some awesome people that I hope to keep in touch with.

This year was definitely the year of travel. Cancun at the start of the year, Denver, Ogden, Long Beach, Paris, London, Rome, Las Vegas, and Vancouver! So many fun places and memories! I’m so very thankful to have been able to travel as much as I have and with a great travel partner, my husband Charles. I love you!

This upcoming year my resolution is to keep a better schedule. My schedule was a little hairy at the end there but I hoping to keep it together more consistently this year.

I really can’t say how amazing this past year was. And I’m thankful for all the wonderful memories. Cheers to 2017 and onto 2018!

First post!!!

Hey howdi readers!

Welcome to my blog! This place is for artists (both budding and professional) to see a different perspective on art supply experimentations. If you are not an artist, I welcome you as well!

I have a hard time pinning down one website that helps me compare different art supplies and see them in action. Often I’ll get comparisons of one or the other and only one or two brands at a time. I like all sorts of art supplies and depending on the need I will use multiple brands on one piece. I want to help other artists that have this need as well as others who are discovering art for the first time. I will be writing about my experience with different art supplies and brands across the spectrum as well as my art adventures. Some of the media I will cover are acrylics, oils, inks, Watercolors, brushes, pencils, and I will take any recommendations you would like me to test. If you’re anything like me and like to explore, keep on reading and welcome to my art lab!