Up Early

Lately, I’ve been waking up early. This started happening when I opened my Etsy Shop. I think it has something to do with needing to get as much accomplished as I can in the day. Trying to make this day count. As soon as I wake up my brain starts chugging out ideas I need to work on during the day.

I have shared all of my newest stickers over on Instagram. I have 12 new stickers! Each sticker design took several days to plan, paint, and edit for the final print through StickerApp. This launch was super awesome and I really have been enjoying making new designs. I’ll be happy when I take a break and close my shop from Dec. 16th to Jan 6th. I’ll be still working on designs though out the month but this is definitely a need as I need the brain space to relax. I don’t want to have to be packing orders right up until Christmas when I have my own shopping and wrapping to do for family and friends.

I hope y’all are having a great start to your December! (Can’t believe we’re at the end of 2020) I’ll be making an end of the year post for sure to reflect on the happenings this year. Have you had time to reflect? I for one am thankful I’ve been as productive as I have been this year. More on that next post.

Take care!

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