Ending and beginning again


I am not continuing the 100 day challenge. I really kept myself at too high of a standard and I need to cut myself some slack. I think I kept the guidelines 1) too strict and 2) there were too many things I wanted to post. I wanted to post not only the name of the color but also a small description of the color, hand letter it, and match the color on all 100 colors I had planned. I was too orderly and strict with what I wanted to accomplish. All of this to say I love colors and understanding the story behind each. I wanted to share how many facets there are to colors and that there were more to it than ROY G BIV. Like Anthaquinone blue or Phthalo green. It’s just extra interesting when you dissect them and figure out why they hum the way they do. And adding meaning creates another layer. I wanted to at least finish this challenge so that way I wasn’t “giving up” but I’m not necessarily giving up on the ideas I’ve already planned. I’m not putting it in the 100 day challenge.

So, this year I ended on day 12. Rose. That’s a lot quicker than last year which was on day 38. But last year I didn’t have any plan. So I’ve been through both extremes. Over-planning and no planning. I’ll find a middle ground eventually for this challenge when and if I decide to do it again.

I am now going to restart and to just create for the sake of creating.

Have a great day!


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