The 100 day project + day 1

Today I begin #the100dayproject . Last year I did not finish due to excuses and not having a theme to keep me going. This year I’ll be hand lettering color names. My subjects will cover ROYGBIV colors to everything between! (Formal and nonformal names) To join this challenge you don’t necessarily need a theme or need it to be lettering, but I chose to keep it simple to get me through this challenge. Please send prayers and positive vibes

And here is day 1

Day 1 – “Red” I kept it pretty simple today. Though Red is symbolized in many different ways. Love, passion, war, heat, power, fortune, luck, etc. the list goes on for a while. Though I had a hard time finding a red in my supplies that really rings true to the red I think of. That tomatoey red. It sits right in the middle, not to warm and not too cool. But today it eluded me. You get a more pinkish red today. #100daywacocalligraphyguild #100daysofcolor #handlettering #possiblyroman

Have a great day!


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