Day 7 – Last but not least, Pink Day!

LAST DAY! Pink day!

Pink is a fairly new color only dating back to the seventeenth century. The word pink was used for many other things before it’s use for the color. The scissors that cut a frill or zigzag are called “Pinking shears” because the pattern was called pink. Also, pink has been a fairly controversial thing in the past. I highly recommend this book I’ve been reading this week called

“The Story of Colour: An Explanation of Hidden Messages of the Spectrum” by Gavin Evans. Each chapter isn’t really long and the book has been eye opening on how each color wove it’s way into history.

Supplies! Pencils, pens, and all supplies regarding pink!

Today’s tip is to draw things that aren’t normally pink. There’s a lot of really nice things that are pink but this is an challenge for me replacing a color for another color. I rely so much of my drawing on what I’m seeing.

A way to remedy this is to take your reference photo and editing it in a photo editing program. There is typically a “color replace” option. If you can’t find it, you can always google it. Also, sometimes you have better luck finding decent free photo editing apps for your phone than on your computer.

Pink is a beautiful color, because it is one of the colors that the sun makes at twilight and in the dawns.

-C. JoyBell C.

I’ve enjoyed this color challenge week and I hope you have as well. It’s been a work out for sure and the most drawing I’ve done in a week’s time. I recommend this challenge if you’re need a prompt or to maybe get out from an artblock. Something to get your ideas going. I hope the tips this week have helped and inspired you in a opening up your creativity.

Have a great rest of you Pink Sunday!

On to the next experiment!!

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