Day 3 – Yellow!

Yellow! Amarillo! Jaune! Giallo!

Now you know how to say yellow in Spanish, French, and Italian. 🙂

Today’s prompt is yellow…

I have a LOT of trouble with this color. Mostly because it’s my least favorite color 😅 but I will push through today!

Usual supplies today!

•Pencils, pens, sketchbooks, and paper (I always recommend a heavier weighted paper to combat bleed through and waves)

•Any supply that is yellow ☀️

Since this is such a light color, it’s hard to see against white unless it’s paired with another color.

Tip for the day: You can outline or make a pattern with a black pen or pencil to emphasize it on a background. Use different values of light to give shape to a flat object.

Yellow, are you there? The phone green! Can you pink up the phone?

My parents used to always say this joke to me 😄

Have a great sunny day y’all! 😎


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