Day 2 – Orange day!

Its Orange day!

Orange you glad it’s a bright color today? *nudge nudge*

I know it’s a hokey joke but I couldn’t resist.

It’s easy to get roped into drawing an orange for orange. But orange is definitely much more than the fruit it’s named after.

Tip for today is to draw some thumbnails. Now it’s easy to just hit the ground running for some of you but you may want to take a pause and do a little planning. I tend to just go with the flow and just go right in with pencils. But what happens is I end up having to erase because all these dark lines show up on the page (I’m fairly heavy handed with pencil)

Supplies today are



•Sketchbooks or paper

•Any orange supplies you have

First start your Brainstorming list like yesterday. Then narrow it down to a couple ideas you want to approach.

How to start a thumbnail is to draw a small rectangle or square, depending on the size of your sheet, in your sketchbook. Do some quick sketching as to how you want the piece to look. It needs to be loose. Scribbling-like.

By all means if you want to skip this step you can. This is just to help the creating process. I tend to have a moment of panic on the blank sheet so to remedy this I brainstorm and draw thumbnails so I don’t feel pressured.

I drew this one a week ago 😛

Have fun y’all!


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