Day 5

Day 5 – “Carmine” A deep sort of red that has a tinge of purple but not so much toward crimson. It has origins in with the cochineal insect. “The reddest of the natural red dyes.” Though, this red historically is known to be not lightfast or Fugitive(fading quickly in the sun) (Much of what Of my research is from the book Color: A Natural history of the Palette by Victoria Finlay) If you’re concerned about you artwork lasting, do a little research on the pigment numbers on your paint tubes. For example, I have a Carmine by Holbein that has the pigment number PR83 which is the pigment for Alizarin Crimson, also known to be fugitive. But there is another Carmine by Daniel Smith that is PR176 which is Benzimidazolone Carmine that is more marginally more lightfast. (From In conclusion, not all paints are created the same.

I was trying to do a sort of slanted script. I think wasn’t feeling it as much and I didn’t do a sketch first. Rather I just went into it with the brush and paint. Tomorrow should be better.

Have a great day!


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