Day 3

Day 3 – “Crimson”

It’s been interesting reading about each of these colors so far. Crimson having origins in the Kermes dye made from “scale insect”, Kermes Vermilio which fed on the Kermes Oak. Seems like a lot of the reds used to come from bugs and insects. Kind of gross? But I understand that color had to come from the natural elements of the world before we were able to synthesize it. This color I used is alizarin crimson I made mixing permanent rose and perylene maroon. Alizarin crimson is not lightfast so I’m building a new habit of mixing it instead with lightfast colors. It’s one of my favorite reds to use. By the way since I’m hand lettering 100 colors just know that we are going to be in the “reds” for at least half the month.

Have a great day!


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