#Inktober Day 1 – Swift

#swift #swiftbird


If you have not heard, we have started the month of Inktober. A month during which artists all over the world take part in a challenge to draw an ink piece every single day of October.


I took part in this challenge two years ago and it was very difficult to get a piece done every day but I managed to get through it and get all of them done. One of the challenges I faced was using just ink products. Last time, I used only a kuretake ink brush, a couple multiliner pens and water. This time I’m planning on using Plumchester pens (P1.5 and  P4) and to add a little color here and there with copic ink markers. Maybe a few other pens I’ve gotten in my Artsnacks boxes over the years too. There’s so many fun tools to use for ink 😉

Look forward to more posts and keep up with my Inktober posts on Instagram 🙂


Have a great day wherever you’re reading this from 🙂




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