#Inktober Day 1 – Swift

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If you have not heard, we have started the month of Inktober. A month during which artists all over the world take part in a challenge to draw an ink piece every single day of October.


I took part in this challenge two years ago and it was very difficult to get a piece done every day but I managed to get through it and get all of them done. One of the challenges I faced was using just ink products. Last time, I used only a kuretake ink brush, a couple multiliner pens and water. This time I’m planning on using Plumchester pens (P1.5 and  P4) and to add a little color here and there with copic ink markers. Maybe a few other pens I’ve gotten in my Artsnacks boxes over the years too. There’s so many fun tools to use for ink 😉

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Have a great day wherever you’re reading this from 🙂



Artsnacks Bonus box Review! New Liquitex products!

I just got my bonus box from Artsnacks!!! They partnered with Liquitex ™ for their new cadmium-free acrylic paints. I took the #LiquitexCadmiumFree Challenge. These paints conform to the Art & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI ®) ASTM D 4236. I received 5 bottles and a plastic palette knife. There were two medium yellows(.74 fl oz/22ml), two medium reds(.74 fl oz/22ml), and a titanium white(2 fl oz/59ml).


Cadmium is a chemical element found on the periodic table and is a metal. Because of its metallic nature it creates a lightfast paint. It is a main component of reds and yellows and was first discovered in 1820 and first used as a paint in the 1840s. Because it is a heavy metal, people are claiming that it can cause cancer, skeletal fractures, and other diseases. (2) A lot of pigments are being “partially replaced by azo pigments.” (1) Liquitex is the first to make cadmium-free reds and yellows for artists.

Sidenote: The paper I used for the tests was the Strathmore Canvas Paper. This is my go to testing paper for acrylics. (not included in the bonus box)


The quality of this paint is amazing! I could not tell any difference in the colors at all after doing some tests. The texture was about the only difference I could feel with the palette knife. Bottle “B” felt a little more thicker when I “pushed” the paint along. Bottle “A” was a little easier to paint with but only the slightest. When I mixed them with the titanium white(provided in the box)they both mixed to the same colors. (my lighting was a little off but the yellows are the same)


For the mixing of both the reds and yellows I used the same amount (as accurate as I could) for each mix. (I only caught this picture after mixing the A bottles)


After I mixed each of the portions. For the most part they mixed to the same color. (Again I apologize for the lighting.)


I placed each of the paints and mixes I made in small oval dots. For the most part they are the same. I’ll be honest I wasn’t the most accurate on my white measurements when I was mixing but I did the best I could.

FullSizeRender (3)

As a side note, for all intents and purposes, I caught a slight smell when I painted but it turned out they both smelled the same.

In conclusion, besides the texture of the paint there wasn’t much of difference of color nor paint-ability. They both worked out great. Now, I couldn’t test lightfastness because that would take years to test against the sunlight. But Liquitex already did the test on the video shown on the website below.


On the site, you click on which bottle you got and then which you think is cadmium-free. It was difficult to say but I thought it was bottle A. I was incorrect.

But I wasn’t alone in thinking so!

This was a great bonus box! Liquitex is thinking forward for future generations of artists and that is important for everyone to think about. And I really do love subscribing to Artsnacks and the opportunities they give for trying different new products every month.

Don’t forget use code THEARTLAB10 for 10% off of your first month’s box!
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September Artsnacks Subcription Box Review

Monthly, I receive a box from a company called Artsnacks. (www.artsnacks.co) This is “A curated box of unique, high-quality art supplies delivered to your door every month.”(4-5 full size products) My subscription is the one month subscription plan is $24 plus free shipping within the US. There are options for three, six, and twelve months as well.(You pay for the price upfront and then receive a box per month for # month you choose) By the way you can use my code “THEARTLAB10” for 10%. (This is not a paid promotion)

I enjoy this box a ton. Artsnacks is legit one of my favorite things to get in the mail every month.

So this month I got some fun supplies to play with. It also came with an artsnacks brand sticker(alternative colors this time) and  a small candy snack.


The first of which I used from the box was the Stabilo pointMax Pen set. (Retails for $5.95)

It comes with four different colors: Hot Pink(488/56), Apple Green(488/33), Turquoise(488/13), and Neon Purple(488/58). The colors weren’t labeled with names so I made them up based on how they appeared when written with.

The nylon tip is very durable and writes nice and smooth. I drew a thin line on the tip and a thick line on its side. Not only can you get a 0.8mm line but a thicker one as well. It can last 24 hrs without the pen cap on. (I will try it and post an update later about it on social media.) Another great thing about the body of this pen is that the cap fits on the end. No lost tops here! The water-based ink is great for when you want to blend it lighter with water. I will definitely use these pens again for future art pieces and writing.

Next, is the Plumchester P4 Fineliner( Retails for 2.99)
Buy it here: https://plumchester.com/products/plumchester-p4-fineliner

This is such a fantastic pen! As soon as the pen touched the paper it wrote so smooth. I even used it on a mixed media and watercolor paper and there was no bleed. This isn’t the first pen for Artsnacks to develop. They have another one with a brush tip (p1.5) and is also very fun to use. I am still getting used to writing with brush pens but with this one I have no problem. The cap is very neat in the way that there’s a small window to see the tip. I like this new body design with the glossy look as well. The brush pen had a matte finish and I have used it so much that the Plumchester label is wearing off. Totally will use this again for projects!

The Alvin Draft-Matic Mechanical Pencil is up next! (Retails for $14.50)

This pencil has a really sleek design. The lead is really nice, although, I’m not sure if I can get 0.9mm lead at my local stores. There was another size that was possible to get in the box, 0.7mm. There’s also a cool little eraser under the metal cap (Not pictured) The one challenge I had with this pencil was the stainless steel finger grip. And even though I have a callous, it kind of hurts to hold it. I’ve gotten this pencil in a box before. This one is brown but the other one is teal and has Artsnacks printed on it. I put some masking tape around the finger grip part and that’s helped. This pencil is kind of expensive. I might pass it on or keep it. I’m not sure.

The last thing is the Moo Professional Artist Eraser (Retails for $1.25)
I  do not go through erasers that fast. I can tell you that this one will last me forever. It’s a little over two inches long and a centimeter high. I used it quite a bit for my #ArtsnacksChallenge. It worked well and I didn’t have as many little eraser bits everywhere. I discovered the width of this eraser is great for clearing out large areas of pencil work easily. I have a plethora of erasers and can always use more (because I lose them).

Here is my #ArtsnacksChallenge for this month!

Thanks for reading!