Happy Cooper Get Day!

Golden hour pup

I am not sure how much you all know but Cooper means the world to me and Chuck.
(Bit of a long read coming up)

I have been having trouble with anxiety and navigating how to filter out things.

In general, I am not active on Facebook for a reason. While it’s great to catch up and see everyone, I see everyone else’s lives and views on any and everything. And Facebook does not really have a great filter. (I love seein’ everyone’s happy faces)

Anyways, Cooper has been my staple in life lately.

Back in 2015, we had just moved into our new house. And we decided we wanted a new puppy. I had never had one before(mostly my mom didn’t want to have to take care of it lol) So we got Roxie. And though I only had her for 4 days, I was very attached to her. Every so often, I think about her. She had puppy parvo and passed away on Thanksgiving day.

I was pretty torn up about her for a while. I have a great affection for dogs in general. So, having one close to me like her meant so much and left a gigantic hole in my heart.

It was around that time our friends Cheryl and Paul had gotten their own puppy, Cooper. He was something like a few months old when I first met him. He sat right down at my feet. Just laid down and chewed on my shoelaces. I thought, “huh…he’s pretty calm?”

A month or so passes and I get a call from Cheryl. She says, “I feel bad for Cooper. I’ve been having severe back pain and cannot take him out as much as he needs. Would you be willing to take him?”

Of course I said “YES”

And every since, he’s been the most sweetest, goodest, boy for me. Every time I have even a tiny bit of stress or anxiety well up in my stomach, he comes up to me and says “Pet me.”

I know dogs are “man’s best friend” But he’s definitely my best friend. And I’m so thankful to God that he’s mine/our dog. And I’m forever grateful that Cheryl, original mom to Cooper, gave him to me.

“Mom pet me”

Y’all have a good rest of your morning evening afternoon whatever time it is wherever you are as you’re reading this!

And I’ll talk to ya later ✨✌🏼✨ -Christy

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